Pathological and oral tissue laboratory

Pathological and oral tissue laboratory

The message

It contains a number of microscopes so that each student can review the different slides individually.


Pathological tissues and oral tissues are considered the cornerstone of all pathological conditions and physiological changes in the human mouth, as they give the student an impression and a basic idea about the different tissues in the human mouth theoretically and enable him to view these tissues in their natural state under the microscope practically in the laboratory


  • Introduce students to the steps of sample preparation and how to prepare them in a practical way
  • Teaching students about pathological samples under the microscope and identifying pathological signs on tissue
  • Introducing students to the various morphological patterns of diseases by viewing pictures, watching samples and examining the tissue carefully under the microscope
  • Link what the student sees with the theoretical material and know the different causes of disease. This would develop the students’ abilities in the future to identify the disease present in the surgical samples and write the pathological reports of those samples.
  • Preparing brief reports for some topics related to the histological structure of the mouth and pathological changes
Pathological and oral tissue laboratory