Biochemistry lab

Biochemistry lab


The chemistry laboratory contributes fully to learning about many devices and equipment through teaching practical experiments approved by the College of Health and Medical Technology. These experiments are specialized in learning about biochemistry and clinical chemistry.

The message

The bio-clinical chemistry laboratory gives students a comprehensive review of all aspects of scientific theory, followed by practical applications of the required skills.


This laboratory offers experiments on how to identify life compounds such as sugars, carbohydrates, amino acids, proteins and fats through special disclosures and certain measurements.

Teaching students how to conduct biochemical tests related to the human body.

Teaching the subject of medicinal and life chemistry aims to present and present the most important foundations for understanding the relationship of chemistry to the functions of the body through multiple examples that depend on modern information.

It aims to clarify the chemical reactions and changes that occur inside the body in normal and pathological conditions

Graduation of a medical laboratory technician who is able to make a qualitative shift in the environment in which he works, which requires the adoption of the top of the scientific and practical methodology in achieving the goals

Biochemistry lab